I absolutely love this store. They’re close to home, fast, convenient, and everyone who works there is very kind and laid back. I’ve never had any issues with prices or bad customer service. There will be the occasional stale swisher, but that happens! They’ve got great deals on vape mods and juices..and their glass products are gorgeous. I went to school with the owners and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Keep up the great work!
Very nice and friendly staff. Very accommodating. Clean shop that is welcome in the neighborhood.
Best vape store around.. They always have whatever you need, huge selection.. I would highly recommend them..
Great service has everything I could ever want!!!
A friend of mine bought a glass piece from this shop. He told me the great deal he got from it. After using his piece i was impressed. Needing a new piece myself i paid the place a visit. Great quality glass and they where very polite and helpful, along with giving me a great deal on a new piece. I would shop there again and recommend them to anyone. Its worth checking out.
My favorite smoke shop in the area. Prices are comparable to other shops. The owners are cool guys. It is always neat and well stocked.
picked up an L shape chillum, great customer service, good quality items with an okay selection.
Best service. Best selection. Great location. What more could you want?
High quality glass, 3 showcases of name brand vaporizers, tanks and accessories. Multiple brands of bagged tobacco, tubes, hookahs, shisha, coals. Glass on glass attachments for extracts, torches, cigars, butane. Staff is friendly and questions can be answered via the phone if needed.
Better prices than other tobacco shops in the area.
Great flavors and awesome selection of vaporizer mods